Outdoor Education

Delivery in schools, on water or on land. 

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What we do 

Youthtown delivers EOTC (education outside the classroom), ABL (adventure-based learning) and PE (physical education/literacy) programmes for local schools throughout each term.

We have OutdoorsMark certification, ensuring we have the best skills to provide a safe and fulfilling experience for your students.

We deliver bespoke programmes that work best for you. Designing and incorporating the best package for your school and needs.

Our programmes build great teamwork and help develop confidence outside the classroom. These programmes include foundation and core sport skills, sport codes, cultural games, archery, slack-lining, rock-climbing, team-building, trust-building, problem-solving and decision-making activities.

We deliver Outdoor Education in Auckland, Christchurch, Waikato, Upper Hutt and Taupō


Youthtown can deliver both full and half day EOTC packages.

Below are details of our most popular delivery packages. We have more options available below for Christchurch and Auckland. 

RATIO: For all in school EOTC delivery our ratio is 1:15

Auckland EOTC


Christchurch EOTC


Auckland, Waikato, Taupō & Upper

Hutt EOTC Packages: 

For printable packages please select your desired package from above.