The Enterprise programme is for young people thinking about the possibility of starting their own business. Designed in conjunction with young people and the University of Auckland, it aims to; grow skills, develop a winning mindset, build an understanding of business and inspire rangatahi to envision possibilities for their future.

The Enterprise programme was designed in collaboration with young people and informed by research conducted in partnership with The Centre for Community Research and Evaluation (CCRE) at the University of Auckland.

The programme is for young people thinking about the possibility of starting their own business. The programme is designed to help students grow important skills like problem-solving, communication, resilience, teamwork, building good social connections, and having a winning mindset. The Enterprise programme introduces essential elements like business planning and understanding the pathways of money. It creates an exciting learning space with lots of creativity and play to support young minds as they figure out what they want to do in the future.

The programme also strives to feature inspirational speakers virtually and in person—local figures who students can look up to and who have succeeded in starting their own businesses.

Tailored as an introductory experience for students in years 11-13, the Enterprise programme is like a sneak peek into the entrepreneurial world. It goes well with other business programmes in schools, letting students freely explore new ideas outside of regular classes. It's flexible, it’s a form of experiential learning and can fit into your schedule, like a 'breakfast club' where students can start the day with some food and get inspired about the endless possibilities of starting their own businesses.

'Insights, narratives, and feedback from rangatahi not only enriched the process but were instrumental in shaping the foundational elements of the current Enterprise programme'

Programme Outcomes

  • Enhanced Entrepreneurial Mindset: Improved confidence and belief in the possibility of starting a business, and how to have the confidence to share the idea
  • Network Expansion: Increased social capital and networking opportunities
  • Pathway Exploration: Greater understanding and clarity about potential career paths in entrepreneurship

Programme Impact

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Students start their own businesses or pursue related career paths
  • Community Development: Positive impact on local economy and community through youth-led enterprises
  • Long-Term Success: Sustainable entrepreneurial ventures contributing to personal and community growth

Participant Voices

'Taking responsonbility for your own career path is really empowering. It made me feel like I have more control over my future and that I can make a difference in the world.'

'I learned that there are many pathways to getting the career you want. I also learned that people are good at more than one career and that you need more education for certain jobs. There are a lot of paths out there, and you can choose any job you are interested in. I also learned that it can be hard, but it can also be easy.'

'I used to think there was only one way to have a career, but now I know there are so many different paths you can take. It's exciting to think about all the possibilities.'