Research & Evaluation

To ensure our programmes provide the best outcomes, we design them based on research and then evaluate everything we do.

We have remained relevant to young people for over 90 years by understanding their needs and interests.

At Youthtown, we're committed to assessing and measuring the outcomes of our programmes across Aotearoa. This research serves as a vital foundation of evidence, guiding the continuous improvement and adaptation of our programmes, ensuring they remain current, responsive, and impactful.

We are proud to work in partnership with the Centre for Community Research and Evaluation (CCRE) at the University of Auckland, in order to create research-informed programmes that adhere to best practices and innovative delivery methods.

We know our programmes connect with young people and influence their lives, we see the results from their response every day, but we also felt it was important to measure exactly how much of an impact our programmes have. We have worked with Impact Lab, using their GoodMeasure calculation to determine the tangible social return on investment (SROI) of some of our programmes.

The GoodMeasure calculation determined the social value of our programmes. The social value is the social impact, in dollar terms, that our programmes achieve for our participants over their lifetime. It shows in dollar terms, how participation in our programmes can improve the lives of our participants. This social value is then combined with the cost of the programmes to calculate the programme's SROI (Social return on investment). The SROI measures how much social value is returned for every dollar invested in the programme. Below are the results of our programmes that were measured by ImpactLab.

Youth Development Programmes
These programmes support 10 -19 year olds, with those measured encompassing a range of activities, including youth holiday programmes, camps and tramps, and youth hubs. Our programmes offer safe spaces for young people to connect with each other, and benefit from a mentoring relationship with our team. The social value of these programmes was measured at:

Social Value: $788,490

Social Return on Investment:  $1.71​​​​​​​

Download the full report below

Youth Employability Programme
The Youth Employability Programme (YEP) aims to get young people aged 16 - 18 years ready for work through developing values, skills and behaviours that employers require in the workplace, and that help young people thrive in long-term employment.  The social value of these programmes was measured at:

Social Value: $335,386

Social Return on Investment:  $4.20​​​​​​​

Download the full report below

After-school and Holiday Programmes: Ages 5-12
We provide stimulating after-school and holiday programme for children aged 5-12, that provide practical support and promote youth development in a fun and creative environment. Emphasis is placed on learning life skills, working collaboratively, and building and understanding resilience to ultimately unlock each child’s potential. The social value of these programmes was measured at:

Social Value: $3,121,021

Social Return on Investment:  $1.23​​​​​​​

Download the full report below

Football Connect
The programme is a partnership between Youthtown and the New Zealand Football Foundation. It aims to help young people in lower socio-economic areas who may not have the same opportunities to play a sport they enjoy, and therefore aren’t able to access the benefits that playing a team sport can bring. Particpants develop life skills alongside basic football skills under the guidance of football clubs and inspirational coaches. The social value of these programmes was measured at:

Social Value: $56,711

Social Return on Investment:  $2.80​​​​​​​

Download the full report below

Youth Employment by Youthtown
Youthtown employs programme staff across Aotearoa to deliver its youth programmes. These employees form an ecosystem of positive role models that ultimately drive the successful delivery of youth programmes and influence the social outcomes of the children they work with, as well as social outcomes for the employees themselves. The social value of Youthtown's employment of young people was measured at:

Social Value: $339,775

Social Return on Investment:  $1.80​​​​​​​

Download the full report below