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Schools (Primary, Intermediate and Secondary)

Kia Ora and welcome to Youthtown, which students describe as their Happy Place!

See which schools in your area work alongside our highly qualified Youthtown teams

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We meet a wide range of curriculum requirements at the best value, so please call us on 0800 004 566 for further information.

Physical/Adventure based sessions 

EOTC (education outside the classroom), ABL (adventure based learning) and PE (phyical education/literacy).

These include sport skills, sport codes, cultural games, archery, slacklining, rock climbing, team building, trust building, problem solving and decision making activities.

Anything on the water incorporates water safety training and it's much more fun when Youthtown rotates them around kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and paddleboarding with their class mates. 

 It builds great teamwork within the class while developing confident individuals over the term.

Teachers notice an improvement in effort, attitude, focus and discipline in the classroom. Students become more physically active out of school too. 


Select from a range of creative, social, physical or science/tech themed workshops.

Such as making bottle rockets, rafts, flintstone carts and teepees for younger students and workshops like performing arts, strength conditioning, umpiring, lifeguard training and a (funded) programme called ‘She Moves’ for the older students.

Our School Leaver's Toolkit includes life skill workshops like Financial Literacy, Enterprise and Leadership, Teamwork, Management, Democratic Rights, First Aid, Strengths for Life, Survival Outdoors and Learners' Licence to name a few.


Hand the whole Camp delivery to us, including accommodation, or have us run any part of the Camp you’ve booked. 

Either way, we ensure your students get the most out of this life-changing experience. 


We can run your events or just help out eg. on sport days or orientation/transition days. We can even bring our popular ‘Youthtown Quest’ or 'Amazing Race' to you.

Our Interschool Tournaments are growing. See if we’re near you and please join in!

Project Groups

Project Groups, facilitated by our Youthtown Mentors, have made a huge contribution to local communities, including the school community eg. Peer Support Groups.  

Your Duke of Ed or William Pike students can be signed off in no time with Youthtown running these activities.