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What We Do

We deliver a range of programmes fit for you and your school. EOTC (education outside the classroom) and sports-based, music programmes through to life skills on our YEP and learner licence programme. 

We are always open to new opportunities for our holiday and after school care sites, if you are interested in becoming a Youthtown site let us know.


Education outside the classroom is a great opportunity for students to learn new skills and develop confidence. Here at Youthtown we cna develop a package that best suits your school. We have OutdoorsMark certification and some amazing offerings. 


Activations, fitness and sporting delivery by us to your local school. Find your options here. 


The purpose of the programme is to make it possible for all 14-24-year-olds to gain the insight, confidence and skills to get work, keep work and create careers.

We love supporting young people and help them gain employability skills. Our mission is to see all young people in New Zealand employable.


Music in schools. Play.Music was developed to assist classroom teachers in the delivery of music to years 1-8 children. It provides a mentored approach using the Charanga music education platform. 

Play.Music enables teachers to provide powerful learning experiences for students through music while also developing their own knowledge in a fun and structured setting. 


The Youthtown Learner Licence Programme was developed by our Christchurch team and has been running since 2013. A hugely popular and fun fusion of youth development and driver education, our youth team has delivered ‘LLP’ to school students, young adults, community groups and young people navigating the youth justice system.  

Run as either a 6-week programme or 3-session intensive workshop, we have supported hundreds of young people to get their first true taste of independence, with a pass rate often higher than the national average for 16-18 year-olds.