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Youthtown Community Programme

Youthtown’s strong relationships, within the communities we are based in, enhances our programmes.

From the Fire and Emergency New Zealand and St Johns, to flying schools and action adventure organisations, the community contributes through Youthtown, to help us empower young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.

We reciprocate with activities that give back to the community, and grants to successful local applicants.

Our events are all inclusive and provide an opportunity for Youthtown to show-case what they’re made of. Join us for sport in the park, community fun runs, local festivals, zombie apocalypse, pool parties, foam wonder, to name a few.

You’ll see us with groups of young people, having fun, everywhere. Go to your local Youthtown page to find out what‘s coming up in your community and join in!

Contact Us

Phone: 0800 004 566 

Email: info@youthtown.org.nz


Youth Squad Leadership Award Youthtown Upper Hutt

Youthtown provides a township of developmental activities in key communities of New Zealand.

The wide range and incredible value of these activities are a result of partnerships with respected local organisations and businesses.

By contributing through Youthtown, these people are demonstrating their shared passion in giving young people opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.

Youth leadership development activities

These are open to all young people in our community within an age group.

Whether we are hosting or co-hosting, these are an enormous amount of fun, and always drug, smoke and alcohol free.

Community Event Supported by Youthtown
Give Back

We build community give-back activities into each of our programmes wherever we can and this is a key way of instilling our values of generosity and belonging.

Added to this, Youthtown splits our funding (from local venues that pledge support to Youthtown) and grants it to successful applicants from the local community.

Learn more about funding and grant applications HERE

Our Endorsements
Youthtown is a regular feature at annual events in local communities.


I so love the way the leaders and coordinators look after the kids. It is done with such understanding and maturity, that is worth more than gold for the kids and the parents.

Vicki Zumbraegel