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Youthtown Online Registration FAQs

All programmes available to Children and Teenagers in your area, before, during, after school and holidays are listed on your location page.

Clicking on any of these will link you to the relevant booking page or a registration of interest email.

On the booking page, please log in and select from the options provided.  Once you have made your choices, please select Checkout at the bottom of the page to continue the enrolment process.


  • Refer to the list of programmes available to 5-18 year olds in your area, on your location page and click on what you're interested in.

Register Details

  • Returning parent
    • Login using your email address and password.
    • If you can’t remember your password, please click the words “Don’t know your password” on screen to reset it. 
  • New to us
    • Complete all the required information. This may seem like a lot of questions, but the answers help us ensure we can care for your child.


  • Holidays
    • Select the school day session or full day session on the days you wish to attend. This books your base day at Youthtown which is full of awesome activities.
    • Select any additional options you would like such as day trips or mastery workshops. If you hover over the line, you  will get a pop up with more information (not available on smartphones)

  • After School
    • You have two options:
  1. Regular Attendance
  2. Ad Hoc Attendance
    • Regular Attendance
      • Select the days you wish to attend using the tick boxes in the colourful squares on the left. This books the whole term for that day of the week
      • Select any additional options you would like    
    • Ad hoc attendance
      • Select “I would like to drop in on specific dates”
      • Use the calendar to Select the days you wish to attend using the tick boxes in the colourful squares on the left. This books the whole term for that day of the week
  • Multiple children
    • There are tabs for each child, on each tab, repeat the steps above.
    • While we know there are many parents that would like to select the same activities for each child, there are also parents who wish each child to do different activities or days which is why the system does not populate for each child automatically.


  • Click on the checkout button at the bottom of the page or Click on CART in the top right hand corner
  • Review your selections
  • Select Checkout
  • Read the terms and conditions and tick the boxes to confirm this and then press the Accept button
  • Select the method of payment. There are two mains tracks for doing this which are:
    • Book and Pay Now
      • Select With credit card (for visa or mastercard), or Internet Banking payment
      • Click Proceed with the payment
      • Enter in credit card details, or internet banking details and press Submit
      • Your registration is now complete and an email confirming this will be sent to you
    • Book and Pay Later
      • Select Pay later
      • Click Proceed with the payment
      • Press Complete transaction
      • An email confirming your booking will be sent to you. Refer to our terms and conditions
      • Regular reminder emails will be send regarding payment 

If you would like to make a payment by internet banking, our account numbers are below:

Youthtown Auckland - 02-0108-0404285-003

Youthtown Christchurch - 02-0108-0404285-001

Youthtown Greymouth - 02-0108-0395358-028

Youthtown Napier - 02-0108-0404285-004

Youthtown Oamaru - 02-0108-0404285-002

Youthtown Taupo - 02-0108-0395358-029

Youthtown Te Awamutu - 02-0108-0404285-005

Youthtown Upper Hutt - 02-0108-0404285-000

Note: Please remember to insert your invoice number as a reference for the payment.


Hours and Pricing

After School: Mon – Fri, 3pm – 6pm Pick up from local schools listed on the site directory. Pricing for each site is listed on the site booking page.

Holidays: Mon - Fri, Full day session $45/day 8.15am to 6pm or School session $30/day 815am – 3.15pm (additional options at extra cost). Hours and days the Holiday Programme will be open is listed on the site booking page.

If you require help or support to register, please call us on 0800 004 566 between 9:30am and 4:30pm weekdays or email us on info@youthtown.org.nz

Additional Notes:

  • Bring a packed lunch (not fizzy drinks, lollies or nuts) where necessary.

  • For all day trips, you'll need covered shoes, wet weather clothes, packed lunch and water bottle

Contact Us

Phone: 0800 004 566 

Email: info@youthtown.org.nz