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Youthtown Sports Programme

Youthtown Sport is a youth development programme delivered on a regular basis during, as well as after, school time across key communities in New Zealand.

For Schools :

  • Weekly in-school Sport Skills & Games sessions (general, code based or group specific)
  • Inter-School Tournaments and Leagues
  • Strength and conditioning programmes
  • Cultural games package
  • EOTC (sport, outdoor or water safety themed)
  • Umpire Training
  • School Camps - bolt-on activities or full package (incl accommodation)

For your 5-18 year olds :

  • After School Workshops
  • Full day Holiday Programme (as part of OSCAR or Breakaway programmes)
  • Holiday (stand-alone) Sport Skills & Games sessions
  • Holiday Camps (sport, outdoor or leadership themed)

This programme is to develop physical ‘literacy’, using sports and physical recreation to encourage physical and mental confidence, competence, participation and engagement and, above all, set the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of physical activity.

Our goal is for New Zealand kids to be top of the international charts for physical literacy and we have assessment systems in place to measure our progress. Meantime, teachers are already reporting benefits in regard to attitude, discipline and teamwork in the classroom.

The Youthtown Sport coaches are highly qualified and the programme is aligned with the Sport NZ Community Sport Strategy and Young Person's Plan. It is strongly supported by Regional Sports Trusts and Regional Sports Organisations across New Zealand. Delivery is child centred, age-appropriate, respects and supports the uniqueness and diversity of each child and is physically and emotionally safe as well as tonnes of FUN!


Climb aboard and get a peek at a Youthtown Sports Programme in action.

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Contact Us

Phone: 0800 004 566 

Email: info@youthtown.org.nz


Are We in your school or Club?

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Our Endorsements

Youthtown has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the delivery of our Sports Programme, with Harbour Sport, Harbour Rugby, Auckland Rugby, Auckland Cricket, NZ Hockey, Canterbury Sport and Sport Otago/Waitaki.

There are a couple of very quiet students in my class who were not actively engaging in PE and sport. Through the inclusive delivery of the programme both of these students are participating with more confidence in a range of physical activities. I even heard one shout how much she "loved this game" during our last Activator session. I could not be more pleased with that result. Thanks.

Damian Brown - Papakaio School Deputy Principal