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Youthtown Holiday Programme

Our Holiday Programmes operate within key communities right across New Zealand, giving you convenience as well as peace of mind. Most of our Holiday Programmes are MSD (Ministry of Social Development) certified OSCAR Holiday Programmes. This means that if you’re eligible for a WINZ (Work and Income NZ) subsidy, you could pay nothing. We also offer a FREE Holiday Programme for secondary school students.

Drop in for selected days or come for the whole time and let the highly qualified, Youthtown team support your child towards achieving their developmental goals.

Every school holiday programme is designed to build young peoples’ self-esteem and confidence through participation in an amazing choice of day and overnight trips as well as activities and workshops.

The programme is specifically designed to cover a range of physical, creative and social activities for each specific age to enjoy. Have a look at the incredible experiences your primary, intermediate or secondary school child can have!

Activities for all ages
Primary Holiday Programme trip to Teddy Bear Factory with staff
Primary School Students (Years 0-6)

Our primary school student Supervisors are carefully selected and trained, ensuring that not only are our 5 and 6 year olds feeling safe, settled and happy in their environment, but all of the primary school age group are benefiting from the Youthtown experience. Our fun, stimulating and structured activities are designed to support your child’s personal development.

In Youthtowns across the country, primary school students are having a great time bouncing, climbing, being fire fighters, baking, creating, and a multitude of other activities.

Best of all, the day trips are so exciting. They could be off to the theatre, mini-golf, a trampoline park, a picnic with games or anywhere that they’ll learn something new and fun.

What Primary Students Want

Intermediate Holiday trip to mini Golf with staff
Intermediate School Students (Years 7-8)

We pride ourselves in bringing out the best in our intermediates with age-appropriate and stimulating activities that this distinct group really ‘get’.

Activities led by staff, who are highly qualified role models, ensure they have plenty of active options in the mix - all of which encourages them to express themselves and provides opportunities to have successes reinforced.

Your intermediate aged child will come home buzzing from the day’s adventures and many will have made friends for life.

Check out what’s happening next holidays in your nearest Youthtown!

What Intermediate Students Want


Youthtown Christchurch Bike Camp Group Photo
Secondary School Students (Years 9-13)

The Holiday Programmes at Youthtown provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on the term within a supportive, social environment. We recognise the importance for secondary school students to challenge themselves and build life- skills with awesome mentors, enabling them to become great decision makers for life.

Plus our Breakaway Holiday Programme is FREE!

Regulars to the After School Workshops tend to belong to the Youth Squad (see Leadership Programme) who live our values: Mastery, Belonging, Independence and Generosity.

The day trips are a highlight, including paintball, hot pools, kayaking and more and the range of activities include sports and the outdoors, music and arts as well as just hanging out with awesome people and having fun.

What Secondary Students Want

Our Endorsements

'My sons have been attending Youthtown for the last 2.5 years.  They have thoroughly enjoyed the planned activities and found the staff to be both energetic and heaps of fun!  There were a number of occasions where I arrived early to pick the boys up and the response received were groans of disappointment as they wanted to stay longer.  This in my opinion is testament to Youthtown and the service they provide.  I would recommend Youthtown to anybody looking for an after school option and holiday school programme'