Tana Umaga is a Youthtown Supporter

Youthtown Sport Ambassador Tana Umaga

The former All Black Captain, and now Blues Coach, was a regular participant of Youthtown programmes in his youth.

Now he takes part in some of Youthtown’s events and functions, and sometimes he even pops in on current programmes. 

Our programmes develop skills and knowledge in young people and many of them are physical/adventure based (besides creative, technological, science and social/life skill based).

His passion for ensuring that Kiwis grow up to be physically literate and enjoy sport, aligns with our vision to empower young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.

Tana’s support means a lot to us at Youthtown and we feel proud seeing the excitement on the kid’s faces (and the adults) when he can join us.

*Photo Credit - Nic Fletcher