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Proven Results - Measuring Youth Development

All activities within programmes are designed to achieve specific developmental outcomes and our delivery process includes an evaluation to measure the success of this.

We use best practice methods of assessment to measure the difference we’re making in developing young people.

These findings motivate us to continually improve ‘The Youthtown Way’ so that we can achieve even more.

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Developmental Assets


Internationally recognised developmental assets, applying to each age group, provide a means to ensure all aspects of development are covered, whether it be social, cognitive, emotional or moral.


We enjoy opportunities to discuss with parents the development we're seeing in their children, as a result of taking part in Youthtown's activities. Many of their achievements, big or small, will have been celebrated appropriately during the day - ask them about it!

Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is about moving with confidence and competence in a wide variety of activities that develop the whole person.

Our goal is for New Zealand kids to be top of the international charts for physical literacy and we have internationally approved assessment systems to measure our progress.

Meantime, teachers are already reporting benefits in regard to attitude, discipline and teamwork in the classroom.

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